Records our past workshops, events and projects

Friday, September 01, 2006

2006 - (11th Jun) Training Workshop

Public Speaking Skills

2006 - (28th May) Training Workshop

Facilitation Skills

2006 - (Apr-Jun) Volunteer Exchange Programme

Volunteers from 4 elderly agencies went through the 1st volunteer exchange programme

2006 - (23rd Apr) Training Workshop

Volunteer Organisation & Management : Togetherness in Volunteerism

Mobility issues and considerations
Organisation and management issues
Ways to gel the volunteers

2006 - (23rd Apr) Training Workshop

Basic training - The Beginning Volunteer

Wheelchair Handling and Manoeuvring
Understanding the physiological and psychological aspects of the elderly
Games sharing
Handicraft sharing
Experience sharing

2005 - (16th Oct) Training Workshop 7

Basic volunteering skills II

2005 - (10th Sep) Resource sharing

Silra Home moval to new premises

> 20 volunteers from Moral, Brighthill, SN, VIP etc helped out in the moval

2005 - (Aug) Visitation to Moral Welfare Home

ESN Committee visited Moral Welfare Home and participated in "kopitiam outing"

2005 - (28th Aug) Training Workshop 6

Leadership Development: Volunteer Management skills - rerun

2005 - (28th Aug) Training Workshop 5

Basic Volunteering Skills - rerun

2005 - (10th Apr) Training Workshop 4

Leadership Development: Mentorship in Volunteering by Soh Chee Kiong

2004 - First Beneficiaries Exchange

Hungry Ghost Festival Celebration

10 elderly from Moral Home participated in Silra Home Hungry Ghost Fest and Auction

2004 - (29th Aug) Training Workshop 3

Leadership and management skills

2004 - (June) Inter Sector Exchange

MINDS Youth Group exchange with Silra/SN/Moral/Brighthill

Beneficiaries from MINDS visited the elderly from the 4 agencies

2004 - (5th June) Resource Sharing

Call for Manpower

Brighthill outing on North-East MRT line (Dhoby Ghaut to Chinatown/dinner at Tian Jin Restaurant) for 25 beneficiaries from Brighthill

2004 - (25th Apr) Training Workshop 2

Basic Volunteering skills

Training by volunteer trainers including Koh Lai Heng, Kamal, Tan Kian Kok, Ting Inn Shyan, Ang Teck Ee

Inter-sector exchange

MINDS Youth group invited to share activity “Chicken Dance”

2003 - Event collaboration

The New Paper Big Walk

- Participation from SN/Silra/Hong Lim

2003 - Exchange of programs

Hungry Ghost Festival - Exchange of idea/Exchange of programs

SN/Moral/Hong Lim Green volunteers invited to Silra to celebrate Hungry Ghost Festival (participation by SN volunteers as auctioneers/Hong Lim magic performance)

2003 - (17th Aug) Training Workshop 1

"How to be an effective volunteer"

We have invited Soh Chee Kiong to give us a talk on "How to be an effective volunteer"

2003 - Official Launch of ESN (Elderly Sector Network)

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